Fallen horse rider

5th Apr 2021

Attendees: 13

Duration : 2hrs 6min

Total Attendance Time : 27hr 18 mins

The Team was called out by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service following reports that a horse rider had fallen suffering leg injuries and was having difficulty in breathing. The Team was dispatched to the area whilst the controller gathered further information and confirmed the casualties location using the "phonefind" tool. The Yorkshire ambulance service arrived just ahead of the first team members and, fortunately, was able to drive part way to the casualty. Once the team vehicles arrived on scene the casualty was packaged in a specialist stretcher for the carryout to the ambulance. With the casualty safely in the warm of the ambulance the team stood down and returned to base to clean and repack the vehicles. With the good weather and lockdown easing this is the third call out for the team in the last week.