• Rescue Fleet Moss

    • 28th Sep 2019 Attendees: 10; Duration: 82mins; Total Attendance Hours: 1‎
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    Call from YAS to assist with a collapsed male 60yrs. query stoke, approx 30 min from the road on a rough track.. Due to the road closures for the UCI and the previous days callout turnout was low and with the location on the border with Swaledale Mountain...
  • Search Howgill

    • 26th Sep 2019 Attendees: 21; Duration: 554mins; Total Attendance Hours: 9‎
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    The team were tasked to help search for a vulnerable male. The search extended into the next day when a body was discovered.
  • YAS Assist Helimed With Fallen Cyclist

    • 7th Sep 2019 Attendees: 9; Duration: 153mins; Total Attendance Hours: 23‎
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    Call from YAS to assist Helimed with a cyclist who has come off the road at Fleet Moss. The casualty was carried to a fell rescue vehicle and transported to where the Helimed had landed.
  • Leg Injury Timble

    • 6th Sep 2019 Attendees: 15; Duration: 113mins; Total Attendance Hours: 28‎
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    Call from YAS to assist with a 71YO Female fallen on footpath between Timble and Swinsty Hall. The team carried the lady across 3 fields to a waiting road ambulance
  • Cragfast brimham

    • 24th Aug 2019 Attendees: 10; Duration: 75mins; Total Attendance Hours: 13‎
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    A 25 Year old male, whose enthusiasm had exceeded his ability, had become crag fast on Cubic Block at Brimham. A team left from the fell race cover at Burnsall with support from Grassington members and 2 who went direct. A confidence rope was rigged and...
  • Glusburn, Female With Ankle Injury

    • 6th Aug 2019 Attendees: 16; Duration: 90mins; Total Attendance Hours: 23‎
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    A female who had slipped and injured her ankle near Glusburn. Initially the call had been sent to our neighbouring team CVSRT who checked the casualty location and then passed the job over to us. One team member was quickly on scene and once the remainder...
  • Lamb Stuck Down Shaft Grassington Moor

    • 6th Aug 2019 Attendees: 2; Duration: 114mins; Total Attendance Hours: 10‎
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    We were contacted by a local farmer requesting assistance to rescue a lamb that had fallen down a shaft on Grassington Moor. A small team was dispatched and the unfortunate animal was soon back on the surface, luckily the lamb was uninjured and returned...
  • Nidd Gorge, Male,Broken Ankle

    • 27th Jul 2019 Attendees: 8; Duration: 175mins; Total Attendance Hours: 23‎
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    Call out 35 27th July The Team were called by YAS to assist with a casualty who had fallen injuring their lower leg whilst walking from Knaresborough to Harrogate along Nidd Gorge. Initially the information suggested that they were near to Bilton but...
  • Missing High Risk 73 Year Old Female

    • 4th Jan 2019 Attendees: 3; Duration: 8mins; Total Attendance Hours: 1‎
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    The team were called out by North Yorkshire Police (NYP) to assist them in locating a high risk female missing from a care home in Ripon. The team were stood down before leaving the depot as the female was located by NYP.