• Search Great Whernside Kettlewell

    • 19th Oct 2021 Attendees: 28; Duration: 23hr 18min; Total Attendance Time: 652hrs 24mins‎
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    The team were called to search the Great Whernside area of Kettlewell for a 74 yr old male believed to have gone missing on the fells. The team were joined by the CRO and teams from Swaledale, Calder Valley, RAF Leeming and search dogs from as far away...
  • Runner dies on moorland near Ilkley

    • 9th Oct 2021 Attendees: 8; Duration: 3hr 11min; Total Attendance Time: 25hrs 28mins‎
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    A man tragically collapsed and died while out running on moorland near Ilkley. The 52-year-old Ilkley man was found by cyclists on Saturday morning on Middleton Moor, near Langbar. Police officers from two forces, West Yorkshire Police and North Yorkshire...
  • Injured female Rylstone fell

    • 6th Oct 2021 Attendees: 10; Duration: 2hr 1min; Total Attendance Time: 20hrs 10mins‎
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    The team was called by the North Yorkshire Police to assist a lady who had injured her ankle on Rylstone fell. Once on scene a primary survey was carried out and it was quickly established it was an isolated ankle injury. The casualty was splinted and...
  • Injured male Embsay

    • 19th Sep 2021 Attendees: 9; Duration: 1hr 31min; Total Attendance Time: 13hrs 39mins‎
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    The team was called to assist a gentleman who had badly damaged his knee high up on the fell side, rendering him unable to walk. The man, spectating at a local fell race, was initially assessed by a GP and mountain rescue team members who were participating...
  • Tired walker Arncliffe to Kettlewell

    • 12th Sep 2021 Attendees: 5; Duration: 1hr 28min; Total Attendance Time: 7hrs 20mins‎
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    Walkers had walked from Kettlewell to Arncliffe and back again before realising one he had lost his phone. Set he off for Arncliffe again on his own. He met another walker on the moor who was concerned for his safety given his attire, deteriorating conditions...
  • Male stuck on rocks at Brimham

    • 7th Sep 2021 Attendees: 5; Duration: 2hr 10min; Total Attendance Time: 10hrs 50mins‎
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    The team was called to Brimham rocks to rescue an uninjured young scrambler who had become cragfast. The staff at Brimham managed to help him to the top of the rock he was climbing, but were unable to encourage him to descend. The team happily assisted...
  • Fallen male Skipton Woods

    • 3rd Sep 2021 Attendees: 11; Duration: 2hr 54min; Total Attendance Time: 31hrs 54mins‎
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    The team were called to Skipton Woods to a 72yr old male who had fallen down a stream embankment and injured his shoulder. Team members administered first aid before being joined by paramedics. After pain relief was given the casualty was put on a stretcher...
  • Rescue of a dog

    • 27th Aug 2021 Attendees: 7; Duration: 1hr 32min; Total Attendance Time: 10hrs 44mins‎
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    The team were called to reports of a dog that had fallen approx 20ft and was stuck unharmed on a ledge above a small lake at Threshfield quarry. A team leader who lives nearby was soon on scene to assess the situation and a small party and a land rover...
  • Male ankle injury Silsden

    • 10th Aug 2021 Attendees: 10; Duration: 3hr 11min; Total Attendance Time: 31hrs 50mins‎
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    An early start for the team this morning! At 04:49 a request came in from the Yorkshire Ambulance service to attend to a young man who had fallen in the middle of dense woodland. Having a suspected lower leg fracture, he was unable to extricate himself. Once...
  • Fallen Male Harrogate

    • 30th Jul 2021 Attendees: 7; Duration: 1hr 10min; Total Attendance Time: 8hrs 10mins‎
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    The team was called in the early morning to reports of a male who had fallen approximately 30m from a viaduct. On arrival on scene the casualty was already being attended to by the ambulance crew and, once stable, the team assisted in carrying the patient...