• Unwell walker Cow and Calf Ilkley Moor

    • 16th Feb 2023 Attendees: 13; Duration: 0hr 54min; Total Attendance Time: 11hrs 42mins‎
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    Local team members were contacted to attend to a walker who had become unwell on Ilkley Moor On arrival at the scene, the patient was mobile and being assisted by her companions off the moor to the car park and an ambulance.
  • Overdue walkers, Fountains Fell

    • 16th Feb 2023 Attendees: 17; Duration: 0hr 50min; Total Attendance Time: 14hrs 10mins‎
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    A report was received that three walkers were not back from a walk on Fountains Fell. Given the likelihood that these walkers were in the area covered by CRO the team were contacted requesting assistance. The team planned to drive round the Fell...
  • Fallen climber. Cow and Calf

    • 11th Feb 2023 Attendees: 18; Duration: 1hr 9min; Total Attendance Time: 20hrs 42mins‎
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    While coming off the hill from the last callout at Great Whernside, the team was called out by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist with a fallen climber at Cow and Calf. Team members coming off the hill were re-tasked to Ilkley. Local team members...
  • Semi conscious female Great Whernside

    • 11th Feb 2023 Attendees: 16; Duration: 2hr 11min; Total Attendance Time: 34hrs 56mins‎
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    A call passed from the Cave Rescue Organisation (CRO) from North Yorkshire Police (NYP) then Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) for a female walker who had been unconscious and was in and out of consciousness on the summit of Great Whernside. Given the...
  • Fallen Mountain Biker

    • 30th Jan 2023 Attendees: 10; Duration: 2hr 22min; Total Attendance Time: 23hrs 40mins‎
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    We received a call from Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist with a 43 year old male mountain biker who had fallen off his bike sustaining a broken leg. First team members on scene carried out primary survey, while waiting for the team vehicles and the...