• Male fallen Appletreewick

    • 16th Apr 2023 Attendees: 12; Duration: 0hr 26min; Total Attendance Time: 5hrs 12mins‎
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    The team was called out by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist a 62 year old man who had slipped and twisted his ankle on a bridle way three miles from the nearest road. Whilst en-route the ambulance service reported that they were able to reach...
  • Female fallen Kettlewell to Starbotton path

    • 11th Apr 2023 Attendees: 10; Duration: 2hr 22min; Total Attendance Time: 23hrs 40mins‎
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    We received a call from the Ambulance service to attend to a walker who had fallen while walking between Kettlewell and Starbotton. Team vehicles arrived just after the ambulance and while the crew treated the casualty the team prepared the stretcher...
  • Male with knee injury Ilkley Moor

    • 6th Apr 2023 Attendees: 10; Duration: 1hr 49min; Total Attendance Time: 18hrs 10mins‎
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    We were called by the Ambulance Service to assist with a casualty who had slipped twisting his left leg and sustaining a knee injury. Paramedics were already treating him and called the team to assist with transport off the moor. Once on scene he was...
  • Report of boy in the water Grimwith Reservoir

    • 6th Apr 2023 Attendees: 8; Duration: 1hr 41min; Total Attendance Time: 13hrs 28mins‎
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    The Team was called to reports of an 11 year old boy who had fallen into the water at Grimwith Reservoir, although out of the water he had sustained an ankle Injury. The team Land Rover arrived at a similar time to Helimed. Casualty Care was provided...
  • Overdue Cavers Lancaster Easgill system

    • 2nd Apr 2023 Attendees: 16; Duration: 2hr 4min; Total Attendance Time: 33hrs 4mins‎
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    On Saturday night the Team received a call to be on standby to assist the CRO with an overdue group in the Lancaster Easegill cave system. Very early Sunday morning, with the group still unaccounted for, caving members were called to go and join in with...
  • Report of motorcyclist who had come off his bike Scar House

    • 2nd Apr 2023 Attendees: 12; Duration: 2hr 8min; Total Attendance Time: 25hrs 36mins‎
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    The Team was called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service and North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue to assist with a motorcyclist who was reported to have come off their bike near Scar House. The Fire and Rescue service initially were given a detailed description...
  • Assist ambulance service Ilkley Moor

    • 22nd Mar 2023 Attendees: 20; Duration: 2hr 15min; Total Attendance Time: 45hrs 0mins‎
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    The team was called to assist with a casualty who wasn't breathing and was receiving CPR from passers by. Local members joined in with the CPR, which was continued by paramedics and the air ambulance doctor. Unfortunately all efforts to revive him...
  • Injured mountain biker Ilkley Moor

    • 18th Mar 2023 Attendees: 17; Duration: 3hr 18min; Total Attendance Time: 56hrs 6mins‎
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    The team was called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service for a 13 year old male who had fallen whilst mountain biking, suffering a suspected fracture to his right elbow. Two team members were out on the moor already and diverted to the scene along with four...
  • Collapsed female Bolton Abbey

    • 17th Mar 2023 Attendees: 13; Duration: 0hr 34min; Total Attendance Time: 7hrs 22mins‎
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    The team was alerted by Yorkshire Ambulance Service with a report of a fallen walker with an ankle injury. at Bolton Abbey. Team mobilised based on information received. On arrival at the scene, the Bolton Abbey staff advised that the casualty had left...