• Injured person Brimham Rocks

    • 21st Apr 2022 Attendees: 7; Duration: 1hr 0min; Total Attendance Time: 7hrs 0mins‎
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    The team were asked to attend Brimham Rocks where a person had fallen and suffered injuries. Vehicles were dispatched but were cancelled en route as the ambulance and air ambulance were in attendance and dealt with the incident .
  • Cragfast male Brimham Rocks

    • 18th Apr 2022 Attendees: 8; Duration: 1hr 43min; Total Attendance Time: 13hrs 44mins‎
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    The team were called by North Yorkshire Police to assist with a young man who was stuck on top of one of the rocks at Brimham. Team members once on scene were quickly able to rig ropes, to safely access and lower the young man back to the ground.
  • Female fallen Threshfield

    • 17th Apr 2022 Attendees: 5; Duration: 0hr 58min; Total Attendance Time: 4hrs 50mins‎
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    The Team was called by North Yorkshire Police to assist with a casualty who had fallen near Threshfield. The casualty was found by an off duty fire fighter and with the lady in pain and a long wait for an ambulance they asked if we could assist. A small...
  • Rescue of fallen fisherman on river bank

    • 29th Mar 2022 Attendees: 16; Duration: 1hr 45min; Total Attendance Time: 28hrs 0mins‎
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    The team received a call this afternoon from the Yorkshire ambulance service to assist with a fisherman who fell on gravel bank resulting in a break of his lower leg. Team members assisted the ambulance service with casualty care before carrying the...
  • Injured female on footpath near Middlesmoor

    • 19th Mar 2022 Attendees: 9; Duration: 2hr 17min; Total Attendance Time: 20hrs 33mins‎
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    Call from Yorkshire ambulance service to assist with a 55 year old female who had fallen and broken her ankle near Middlesmoor in Nidderdale. She was reported to be 1/2 a mile on a footpath. While the team were on route a farmer assisted the casualty...
  • Cragfast male Brimham Rocks

    • 26th Feb 2022 Attendees: 12; Duration: 1hr 48min; Total Attendance Time: 21hrs 36mins‎
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    North Yorkshire police called the team to assist with a visitor at Brimham Rocks who was unable to climb back down from one of the rocks. Team arrived promptly and quickly assessed the scene. Members climbed the rock, quickly set up ropes, the young...
  • Assist ambulance service Gaistrill's Strid

    • 26th Feb 2022 Attendees: 14; Duration: 1hr 12min; Total Attendance Time: 16hrs 48mins‎
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    The team was called by the Yorkshire ambulance service to assist with a casualty who had fallen down an embankment after slipping on a stile. Helimed were also on scene and, following their assessment, the casualty was transferred to the team stretcher...
  • Rescue of two dogs Guisecliff

    • 23rd Feb 2022 Attendees: 7; Duration: 2hr 3min; Total Attendance Time: 14hrs 21mins‎
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    The Team was asked to rescue two dogs who had fallen down a hole whilst their owner was walking them. The dogs were unable to extricate themselves and the owner was unable to reach them. A team was quickly dispatched to the site. Once there the...
  • Rescue of sheep from floods Kilnsey

    • 20th Feb 2022 Attendees: 13; Duration: 4hr 36min; Total Attendance Time: 59hrs 48mins‎
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    The water team was called this morning to assist North Yorkshire Fire Service rescue some sheep that had been caught out when the river burst its banks at Kilnsey.
  • Assist ambulance service with an injured female Fewston area

    • 11th Feb 2022 Attendees: 8; Duration: 0hr 48min; Total Attendance Time: 6hrs 24mins‎
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    The team received a call from Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist with a fallen 63yo female with a suspected broken leg. With no road access the team were asked to assist, however while members were on route we were stood down.