• Male runner with an injured ankle Nidd Gorge

    • 22nd Jun 2022 Attendees: 10; Duration: 2hr 13min; Total Attendance Time: 22hrs 10mins‎
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    We were called to attend a 34 year old male who had fallen while running and injured his ankle. With the Yorkshire ambulance service on scene with the casualty before team members arrived the casualty was ready to be secured to the team stretcher and...
  • Fallen Mountain Biker

    • 20th Jun 2022 Attendees: 21; Duration: 1hr 12min; Total Attendance Time: 25hrs 12mins‎
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    The Team was called to a 12 year old boy who had fallen while on his mountain bike on Farnhill Moor. As it was a team training night 2 vehicles were dispatched almost immediately from the hut with local members going direct. Helimed was able to land close...
  • Rescue of male in overturned wheelchair

    • 15th Jun 2022 Attendees: 12; Duration: 2hr 18min; Total Attendance Time: 27hrs 36mins‎
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    The team were called to assist a gentleman who had overturned his wheelchair on a footpath round Fewston reservoir. The wheelchair had tumbled down a steep bank and trapped the gentleman, who was not seriously injured. The team were able to recover both...
  • Missing male Minskip

    • 14th Jun 2022 Attendees: 15; Duration: 12hr 9min; Total Attendance Time: 182hrs 15mins‎
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    On Tuesday 14th June, the team were called to assist North Yorkshire Police locate a missing male. Search dogs from MRSDE (Swaledale) and members of RAF Leeming and Scarborough and Ryedale MRTs also assisted. Having completed the search areas the Teams...
  • Fallen Child Brimham Rocks

    • 12th Jun 2022 Attendees: 19; Duration: 0hr 52min; Total Attendance Time: 16hrs 28mins‎
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    The Team was called to assist an 11 year old male who had fallen at Brimham Rocks. Local team members were quickly on scene and provided casualty care until Yorkshire ambulance service arrived. Once further members arrived in the team vehicles.The casualty...
  • Rescue of 8yr old boy Brimham Rocks

    • 30th May 2022 Attendees: 7; Duration: 2hr 21min; Total Attendance Time: 16hrs 27mins‎
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    The Team was called by North Yorkshire Police at 11.30am to assist in rescuing an eight year old from the top of a rock outcrop at Brimham rocks. He had managed to jump the gap to get onto the rock before realising that the jump back would be much harder....
  • Recovery of a body

    • 29th May 2022 Attendees: 10; Duration: 2hr 2min; Total Attendance Time: 20hrs 20mins‎
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    The Team was called by North Yorkshire Police at 9.30pm to assist with the recovery of a body which had been found on the river bank near Strid Wood. A small team was deployed to undertake the task.
  • Search for high risk male

    • 22nd May 2022 Attendees: 8; Duration: 2hr 15min; Total Attendance Time: 18hrs 0mins‎
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    The Team was called by North Yorkshire Police just after 02.20 this morning requesting assistance in the search for a high risk male, whose car had been located near a disused quarry at Thornton in Caven. A small team responded and organised their search...
  • Injured male. Rocky Valley Ilkley

    • 24th Apr 2022 Attendees: 16; Duration: 2hr 1min; Total Attendance Time: 32hrs 16mins‎
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    The team was called to assist a 74 year old gentleman who had injured his ankle whilst on a family walk on Ilkley Moor, rendering him unable to carry on. The ambulance service administered pain relief whilst the team loaded the casualty on to our wheeled...