• Female ankle injury Starbotton

    • 15th Jul 2022 Attendees: 14; Duration: 2hr 40min; Total Attendance Time: 37hrs 20mins‎
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    The team was called to assist a young female who had hurt her ankle whilst on her Duke of Edinburgh expedition in the dale. We gave the casualty pain relief and splinted the injury before lifting her on to our wheeled team stretcher. Rather than a...
  • Vulnerable person Pateley Bridge area

    • 14th Jul 2022 Attendees: 20; Duration: 3hr 36min; Total Attendance Time: 72hrs 0mins‎
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    The Team were called by North Yorkshire Police to assist in the search for a vulnerable missing person. The team had begun searching when the person was spotted by a Police aircraft. Team members and police officers were quickly on scene and gave first...
  • Walker with ankle injury Wilsill

    • 9th Jul 2022 Attendees: 11; Duration: 1hr 40min; Total Attendance Time: 18hrs 20mins‎
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    The team were called to assist the Yorkshire ambulance service with a fallen walker with an ankle injury. Local members were able to provide first aid until the team vehicle arrived. The casualty was carried in the team stretcher to the ambulance.
  • Climber fallen Kilnsey Crag.

    • 9th Jul 2022 Attendees: 16; Duration: 2hr 55min; Total Attendance Time: 46hrs 40mins‎
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    In the second incident of the day the team was called to go to the aid of a fallen climber at Kilnsey crag. Additional members arrived and assessed the casualty who had potential back and other injuries. These were supported by returning members from...
  • Casualty knee injury on track up to Rylstone Fell

    • 5th Jul 2022 Attendees: 6; Duration: 0hr 46min; Total Attendance Time: 4hrs 36mins‎
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    Finally, as we were packing up from the previous incidents, we got our fourth Yorkshire Ambulance Service call of the day for a casualty with an injured knee on the track up to Rylstone. Fell. We responded with a small team and were able to reach the...
  • Elderly male fainted Guisecliffe Wood

    • 5th Jul 2022 Attendees: 9; Duration: 2hr 8min; Total Attendance Time: 19hrs 12mins‎
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    Just as the previous incident was completed we received a third call from Yorkshire Ambulance Service for an eighty four year old male who had fainted and injured his head at Guiscliffe, The members from both the previous jobs were re-tasked to deal...
  • Injured male, stepping stones Kettlwell

    • 5th Jul 2022 Attendees: 8; Duration: 1hr 19min; Total Attendance Time: 10hrs 32mins‎
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    The second call of the day, also from Yorkshire Ambulance Service, came three mins later for an injured male on the stepping stones down stream of Kettlewell. Team members provided casualty care and then transported him to the ambulance
  • Injured female near Goyden Pot

    • 5th Jul 2022 Attendees: 4; Duration: 1hr 21min; Total Attendance Time: 5hrs 24mins‎
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    The team were called by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service at 11.58 for a fifteen year old female near Goyden Pot who had a leg and head injury. Team members at the Let's do Moors event attended, supported by North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Lofthouse who...
  • Female fallen in canal boat

    • 28th Jun 2022 Attendees: 9; Duration: 3hr 36min; Total Attendance Time: 32hrs 24mins‎
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    The Team were called to assist a casualty who had fallen backwards off steps in a canal boat and hit the back of her head on the edge of a wooden bed. The team provided initial casualty care on scene and, once paramedics arrived, extraction of the casualty...