Report of a male trapped underneath a tree

17th Oct 2023

Attendees: 13

Duration : 2hrs 15min

Total Attendance Time : 29hr 15 mins

We were called by Yorkshire Ambulance service at 15.15 to reports of a 75 year old man who was trapped underneath a fallen tree on the hill side above Grange Farm Hubberholme It soon became apparent the casualty was not where we thought, and was in some woods further south. With no confirmed location the team was mobilised to Redmire Farm, where they were met by the ambulance crew After quite a bit of detective work we believed the casualty was in Kirk Gill Moor Wood, so team members set off in that direction where they were met by a farmer on a quad bike who took them to the casualty. Once on scene it became apparent the accident had occurred some time earlier, the casualty was seriously injured and potentially hypothermic, with the Yorkshire Air Ambulance on scene, they were placed in a full body splint and rapidly carried to the aircraft for onward travel to Leeds General Infirmary