Female with injured ankle Starbotton

13th Nov 2022

Attendees: 21

Duration : 5hrs 4min

Total Attendance Time : 106hr 24 mins

The team was contacted at 17:06 hours by North Yorkshire Police with a report of an 80 year old lone female with a suspected sprained ankle on the fell path between Starbotton and Buckden. The team controller sent a phone find and called the casualty, their phone lasted long enough for them to say they had a sprained ankle before their battery died. The grid reference provided did not match the description so we deployed to Starbotton and sent a small party to check the most likely route. The casualty was not on the initial route and, after discussion, it was decided to escalate the call out requesting search dogs, Swaledale MRT and HM Coastguard Helicopter. Fortunately the casualty was located as the additional resources were deploying and were stood down. The casualty was stretchered 1km down to Starbotton for onwards transport to Airedale hospital by Yorkshire Ambulance Service. .