Male on rocky buttress Ilkley Moor

12th Nov 2022

Attendees: 21

Duration : 3hrs 24min

Total Attendance Time : 71hr 24 mins

The Team were contacted by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to reports of a male located on one of the rocky buttresses on Ilkley Moor. Team controllers contacted both Yorkshire Ambulance Service and West Yorkshire Police to find out more information. One of our Team Leaders, who was on Ilkley Moor at the time, located the gentleman and liaised with police and ambulance service members who were both on scene. After some discussions it was agreed our Mountain Rescue Team were required due to the gentleman’s location and the length of time he had been there. The team set up a rope system to assist the gentleman back to safety and he was placed in the stretcher and carried back to the road where he was handed over to the care of the Police and Ambulance service.