• Incident Brimham Rocks

    • 28th Dec 2020 Attendees: 12; Duration: 0hr 45min; Total Attendance Time: 9hrs 0mins‎
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    The team was called today to assist a fallen male who was struggling to breathe. As the Grassington team were on route news was relayed that the air ambulance was on scene and able to cover, so that team was subsequently stood down. Team members local...
  • Assist Ambulance service with casualty riverside Grassington

    • 25th Dec 2020 Attendees: 17; Duration: 1hr 8min; Total Attendance Time: 19hrs 16mins‎
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    The Team was called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist with a casualty with a broken ankle near the river at Grassington. The location given was near Preston. The group were contacted directly and though unsure where they were, they were able to...
  • Rescue Valley of Desolation

    • 18th Dec 2020 Attendees: 21; Duration: 2hr 30min; Total Attendance Time: 52hrs 30mins‎
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    The team were called to a female casualty who had slipped on muddy ground and injured her ankle whilst descending. There was no ambulance immediately available. Team members administered first aid and stretchered the casualty to the road by which time...
  • Fallen horse rider

    • 12th Dec 2020 Attendees: 15; Duration: 0hr 40min; Total Attendance Time: 10hrs 0mins‎
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    The Team was called by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist with a patient, who had fallen off a horse above Langbar Ilkley It was initially difficult to find their location, but local members and the Yorkshire Air Ambulance made it to the area,...
  • Rescue Ilkley Moor

    • 6th Dec 2020 Attendees: 14; Duration: 2hr 40min; Total Attendance Time: 37hrs 20mins‎
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    We received a call from the ambulance service to attend a female casualty who had fallen and injured her ankle on Ilkley Moor. The team used Phone Find to pinpoint her exact location. On arrival at the scene the team assessed her injury and gave first...
  • Rescue of Kayaker Linton Falls

    • 5th Dec 2020 Attendees: 18; Duration: 2hr 52min; Total Attendance Time: 51hrs 36mins‎
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    The team was called today, as part of a multi-agency response. The team along with Yorkshire air ambulance, Yorkshire ambulance service, North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue, the Police & Yorkshire Ambulance Hart team attended to assist a severely injured and...
  • Injured female. Ilkley Moor

    • 22nd Nov 2020 Attendees: 16; Duration: 2hr 24min; Total Attendance Time: 38hrs 24mins‎
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    We were called by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist with a 36 year old female, who had slipped in the mud on Ilkley moor and sustained an ankle injury, Team members were first on scene and gave first aid by splinting the leg and administering...
  • Collapsed male Washburn Valley

    • 19th Nov 2020 Attendees: 17; Duration: 0hr 26min; Total Attendance Time: 7hrs 22mins‎
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    The team were called by Yorkshire Ambulance service to assist with an incident in the Washburn Valley near to Swinsty reservoir where a 27yr old male out rambling had collapsed. His walking companion called the ambulance service who were able to treat...
  • Fallen walker

    • 2nd Nov 2020 Attendees: 13; Duration: 2hr 59min; Total Attendance Time: 38hrs 47mins‎
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    The team was called to rescue a 61 year old male walker who had slipped in the mud in the fields above Lothersdale, injuring his leg and rendering him unable to move. Unfortunately the ambulance service was unprecedentedly busy and was unable to get...
  • Lost family Thruscross reservoir

    • 1st Nov 2020 Attendees: 5; Duration: 1hr 56min; Total Attendance Time: 9hrs 40mins‎
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    The team was called again to Thruscross reservoir to assist a family of four who had become lost as the light was fading and the weather worsening. Using phone find, the teams controller was able to locate the family and a small team was despatched...