Rescue of Kayaker Linton Falls

5th Dec 2020

Attendees: 18

Duration : 2hrs 52min

Total Attendance Time : 51hr 36 mins

The team was called today, as part of a multi-agency response. The team along with Yorkshire air ambulance, Yorkshire ambulance service, North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue, the Police & Yorkshire Ambulance Hart team attended to assist a severely injured and hypothermic male kayaker stuck on the rocks in the river at Linton Falls. Water team technicians secured the casualty whilst a plan to extricate him was put into place. The team then got the casualty on to the team sled and carefully floated him down stream to a suitable location for extraction. There the casualty was transferred on to a stretcher and carried to the waiting doctors & paramedics. After a quick but thorough check the man was quickly loaded on to the helicopter and away to hospital.