Assist Calder Valley Team Burley Moor

19th Mar 2024

Attendees: 12

Duration : 3hrs 7min

Total Attendance Time : 37hr 24 mins

The team was asked to assist the Calder Valley Team on Burley Moor with the extraction of a walker who had fallen near Lanshaw Dam, suffering a lower leg injury. As this was a midweek callout attending numbers were low, so our assistance was requested. We arrived on scene with the Calder Valley Team and the Yorkshire Ambulance Service and provided medical care and pain relief. The injured leg was put in an immobilising vacuum splint. Yorkshire Air Ambulance were en-route to assist, however, they were stood down following an initial assessment. The casualty was transferred into a winter casualty bag, onto a stretcher and carried to the road head and a waiting ambulance. While the above call-out was ongoing, a walker raised the alarm for a member of their group who had started to feel unwell. A small team was diverted from the ongoing stretcher carry to assess. A call was made to Yorkshire Air Ambulance for additional support and they were recalled to assist. We attended with the Calder Valley Team and together with the Ambulance Service provided medical care and the casualty was able to be assisted, on foot, out to the road head. Following a further assessment by the Air Ambulance doctor, the casualty was able to be taken to hospital by a second ambulance