Nidd Gorge, Male,Broken Ankle

27th Jul 2019

Attendees: 8

Duration : 2hrs 55min

Total Attendance Time : 23hr 20 mins

Call out 35 27th July The Team were called by YAS to assist with a casualty who had fallen injuring their lower leg whilst walking from Knaresborough to Harrogate along Nidd Gorge. Initially the information suggested that they were near to Bilton but having confirmed their location using our Phonefind tool they were much closer to Scotton so the Team diverted to there. On our arrival we administered pain relief and splinted the injured leg before stretchering the casualty back up to the car park and waiting ambulance. Thanks to the casualties friends for assisting with the evacuation and helping carry some of the kit back to our vehicle. We wish the casualty a speedy recovery.