Overdue Walker - Barden Moor

10th Sep 2018

Attendees: 4

Duration : 0hrs 35min

Total Attendance Time : 2hr 20 mins

The team were alerted for a possible search of the Barden Moor area for an overdue female walker (22 years old). After unsuccesfully trying to make phone contact, her friend alerted the emergency services after she failed to show up a the agreed time and place, with additonal concerns of inadequate clothing and sustinance for a long outing. The team were stood down just as they were about to be debriefed as thankfully the female showed up at Barden Bridge. She had made a longer route around the edges of the moor, using the map boards at the end of the tracks entering the moor. She travelled via the Pinnacle, Rylestone Cross & Embsay Res, then followed the road over Black Park.