Overdue Cavers Rift pot. Assist CRO

12th Jan 2020

Attendees: 10

Duration : 11hrs 0min

Total Attendance Time : 110hr 0 mins

The team were contacted by CRO to assist in an ongoing search for 4 missing cavers in the Rift pot/Large pot system. CRO had been alerted at 2200hrs Saturday night and had been searching through the night. Due to the nature of the cave cavers of a slim build were required. CRO also called Swaledale MRT and Derbyshire CRO. A team of cavers rendezvoused at the CRO Depot in Clapham. Fell control van was set up at Mason Gill. The missing cavers were located in the system at 11:54 and were assisted out. They were all out of the system unhurt but cold