• Flooding Incident Pateley Bridge

    • 9th Feb 2020 Attendees: 16; Duration: 4hr 35min; Total Attendance Time: 73hrs 20mins‎
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    The Team were made aware of a risk to life flooding event in Pateley Bridge. Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team was also in attendance. UWFRA water team was deployed. Initially forecast water peak was 4.5m which is around 0.3m above the flood defences, in...
  • Assist district nurse in bad weather

    • 9th Feb 2020 Attendees: 2; Duration: 1hr 28min; Total Attendance Time: 2hrs 56mins‎
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    Due to bad weather and flooded roads the team was asked to assist a district nurse who needed to attend a patient in Kettlewell. A Landrover and 2 members were dispatched with the nurse and the mission was completed successfully.
  • Standby for search Grassington

    • 31st Jan 2020 Attendees: 13; Duration: 0hr 19min; Total Attendance Time: 4hrs 7mins‎
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    Call from Police to standby for a search for a female missing from a nursing home in Grassington. Before search was implemented the Police had located the missing person.
  • Rescue Menston

    • 23rd Jan 2020 Attendees: 15; Duration: 2hr 17min; Total Attendance Time: 34hrs 15mins‎
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    Ambulance service requested assistance for a difficult extraction from a footpath 300yds from the Hermit Inn off Moor Road, Woodhead, Ilkley, 60yr old male with cardiac chest pains. This is in the Calder Valley team area and they were informed of our...
  • Rescue Grass Woods

    • 19th Jan 2020 Attendees: 11; Duration: 2hr 7min; Total Attendance Time: 23hrs 17mins‎
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    Call from Yorkshire Ambulance service to a female who had fallen whilst walking in Bastow Woods, Grass Woods. The casualty was put on a stretcher and carried to a waiting ambulance.
  • Overdue Cavers Rift pot. Assist CRO

    • 12th Jan 2020 Attendees: 10; Duration: 11hr 0min; Total Attendance Time: 110hrs 0mins‎
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    The team were contacted by CRO to assist in an ongoing search for 4 missing cavers in the Rift pot/Large pot system. CRO had been alerted at 2200hrs Saturday night and had been searching through the night. Due to the nature of the cave cavers of a slim...
  • Assist CRO with caving incident

    • 4th Jan 2020 Attendees: 17; Duration: 12hr 38min; Total Attendance Time: 214hrs 46mins‎
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    The initial call from CRO was for extra Dive equipment to assist with a search for an over due cave diver in Lancaster Hole . A vehicle was dispatched with the UWFRA dive equipment. as the search continued CRO requested availability of our cavers who...
  • Search for vulnerable male

    • 2nd Jan 2020 Attendees: 26; Duration: 3hr 14min; Total Attendance Time: 84hrs 4mins‎
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    The team were asked to search for a vulnerable male on the old Roman Road between Skipton and Draughton. Track searched from both ends with a further party following towards Addingham and a search dog covering Short Bank Rd end in detail. At 18.40 the...
  • Casualty Brimham Rocks

    • 2nd Jan 2020 Attendees: 11; Duration: 2hr 40min; Total Attendance Time: 29hrs 20mins‎
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    Male casualty bent down to assist another person up on to the rocks and suffered a back problem. He was unable to get down from the rocks without assistance from team members.
  • Assist confused male

    • 1st Jan 2020 Attendees: 3; Duration: 0hr 53min; Total Attendance Time: 2hrs 39mins‎
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    Call from Yorkshire Ambulance service to 71year old male on shore to left of Fewston reservoir Fewston Harrogate confused and dizzy. After talking to informing person on scene it was decided that the team would not be required. Once the crew arrived on...