• Lost persons Thruscross

    • 30th Oct 2020 Attendees: 3; Duration: 0hr 53min; Total Attendance Time: 2hrs 39mins‎
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    The Team were notified by the Police of two walkers reporting themselves lost in the Thruscross reservoir area. The walkers were located by a controller using phone find and they were given direction to a nearby farm. A couple of team members local to...
  • Rescue Arncliffe

    • 12th Oct 2020 Attendees: 11; Duration: 1hr 19min; Total Attendance Time: 14hrs 29mins‎
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    The team was called by West Yorkshire Ambulance service to a report of an injured 68 year old female walker 1 mile from Arncliffe. The caller lost signal before being able to give an accurate location. So whilst the ambulance and helimed (The Yorkshire...
  • Assist Calder Valley Team in a search

    • 8th Oct 2020 Attendees: 5; Duration: 4hr 28min; Total Attendance Time: 22hrs 20mins‎
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    The team were called by the Calder Valley Team to assist in the search for a vulnerable male., Hainworth Lane Keighley. A few members attended alongside Calder Valley Team, West Yorkshire Police and the Holme Valley Team. After a thorough search of local...
  • Call to assist the Police in a search for a high risk missing male.

    • 17th Sep 2020 Attendees: 14; Duration: 0hr 54min; Total Attendance Time: 12hrs 36mins‎
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    The team were contacted by North Yorkshire police, who were looking for a high risk missing male. While team members were gathering to conduct a search, the team were able to locate the missing person's phone which came back with a precise location. This...
  • Assist Ambulance Service How Stean Gorge

    • 17th Sep 2020 Attendees: 8; Duration: 2hr 36min; Total Attendance Time: 20hrs 48mins‎
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    The team were called to assist the Yorkshire ambulance service, who were treating a female for a fractured leg after slipping and falling 25 metres down a steep bank.. Additional assistance was provided by the Fire Service which enabled a safe recovery...
  • Fallen Climber Armscliffe Crag

    • 13th Sep 2020 Attendees: 12; Duration: 2hr 20min; Total Attendance Time: 28hrs 0mins‎
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    The Team were called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to reports of a fallen male Climber at Almscliffe Crag.The climber had fallen approximately 5 metres sustaining an arm and ankle injury. The Casualty was treated by Yorkshire Ambulance Service and stretchered...
  • Assist ambulance service with a 13yr old female White Wells Ilkley Moor

    • 6th Sep 2020 Attendees: 7; Duration: 0hr 20min; Total Attendance Time: 2hrs 20mins‎
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    The team were called to assist a 13 year old female, who had fallen in the White Wells area of Ilkley. After the initial phone call to Yorkshire ambulance service, and as the team were being mobilised, the casualty's family managed to slowly walk her...
  • Rescue of injured female Burnsall

    • 4th Sep 2020 Attendees: 10; Duration: 1hr 25min; Total Attendance Time: 14hrs 10mins‎
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    Team Called by Yorkshire ambulance service for a 57 yr old female who had fallen on the Dales Way just Downstream of Loup Scar and had a possible lower leg injury. This was treated by the team and the ambulance service. The Casualty was stretchered to...
  • Incident Bolton Abbey

    • 1st Sep 2020 Attendees: 8; Duration: 1hr 39min; Total Attendance Time: 13hrs 12mins‎
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    The team were called to an incident at Bolton Abbey where a 5yr old male child had fallen and sustained head injuries. He was on the far side of the stepping stones from the priory. No first aid treatment was required from the Team and the child was walked...
  • Incident Burnsall

    • 31st Aug 2020 Attendees: 8; Duration: 2hr 0min; Total Attendance Time: 16hrs 0mins‎
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    The team was called today to assist a lady who had fallen on the river bank in Burnsall. Yorkshire Air ambulance were first on scene and administered pain relief and applied a splint to a potentially fractured lower leg. The team arrived and transferred...