Injured Male Walker - Suspected Broken Ankle

19th Jan 2019

Attendees: 1

Duration (mins): 24

Total Attendance Hours : 4

During the start of a joint Casualty Care training weekend with Clapham Cave Rescue Organisation (CRO) at the UWFRA base in Grassington, CRO were called to assist a 40yr old male with a suspected broken ankle near to the summit of Pen y ghent. Due to the number of CRO members at the UWFRA depot it was decided to dispatch Fell 1 with 1 UWFRA member driving and 4 CRO on board. The casualty was located high on the hill above the snow line where his companions had sensibly kept him sheltered and warm prior to the teams arrival. CRO members administered pain relief then splinted the injured leg before placing him in an insulated casualty bag & stretchering him to the team landrover near Hull Pot. There he was driven to the waiting road ambulance.