Tired walker Arncliffe to Kettlewell

12th Sep 2021

Attendees: 5

Duration : 1hrs 28min

Total Attendance Time : 7hr 20 mins

Walkers had walked from Kettlewell to Arncliffe and back again before realising one he had lost his phone. Set he off for Arncliffe again on his own. He met another walker on the moor who was concerned for his safety given his attire, deteriorating conditions and apparent tiredness and hence phoned the Police. The "Missing" walker was last seen in Arncliffe. Team members assembled at Arncliffe and Kettlewell. By this time the "Missing Person" had been picked up by a local farmer on the road and returned him to Kettlewell. Team members were stood down. He had at this point not found his phone. The phone was subsequently found and returned to the owner.