Male ankle injury Silsden

10th Aug 2021

Attendees: 10

Duration : 3hrs 11min

Total Attendance Time : 31hr 50 mins

An early start for the team this morning! At 04:49 a request came in from the Yorkshire Ambulance service to attend to a young man who had fallen in the middle of dense woodland. Having a suspected lower leg fracture, he was unable to extricate himself. Once the casualty was located, the team performed casualty care by administering pain relief and splinting the limb. The carry out was tricky, the team had to negotiate very thick undergrowth, steep bankings, lots of mud and some very inquisitive cows! As the ambulance couldn’t get near to the casualty, & once he’d been carried out as far as open fields, it was decided to utilise a team members 4x4 to collect him. Once in the vehicle it was then a quick drive to the awaiting ambulance.