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UWFRA is made up of over 60 well trained and well equipped volunteer cavers, climbers and mountaineers and is on call 365 days a year. Our membership live in the Dales or travel from as far away as Leeds or Bradford and are prepared to respond to a callout at any time of the day or night in the worst of weather conditions.

UWFRA is a registered charity. Like other mountain and cave rescue teams in the UK it receives no funding from central Government. The team is run entirely by volunteers and has no paid members of staff.

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Latest Activity

Date: Thursday, 22 September, 2016 - 17:41

Location: Glusburn

Description: Team were called at 02:15 hours to help search for a vulnerable missing female in Glusburn. It was decided that we would best be used when it was light and we had more information. Full call out to the team went out at 07:40. Team searched rivers, streams and land outside of Glusburn.

Attendance: 20

Man Hours: 200

Date: Wednesday, 14 September, 2016 - 16:15

Location: Ilkley Moor near Cow and Calf rocks

Description: The team was called out by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist with an unconcious female casualty on Ilkley Moor. Local team members, who arrived before the team landrovers, found several West Yorkshire Fire Service vehicles already in attendance, so the rest of the team was stood down on route.

Attendance: 20

Man Hours: 15

Date: Monday, 29 August, 2016 - 16:50

Location: Skipton woods

Description: Team was called by Yorkshire Ambulance service to assist with a 71 year old woman who had collapsed in Skipton Woods. The casualty was stretchered to a waiting road ambulance

Attendance: 19

Man Hours: 28

Date: Sunday, 28 August, 2016 - 14:30

Location: Guisecliffe, Pateley Bridge

Description: The team was called out by North Yorkshire Police to rescue a dog which had fallen 10 meters down a hole near Pateley Bridge. Millie the spaniel was uninjured and returned to it's grateful owners ready to continue their walk.

Attendance: 7

Man Hours: 22

Date: Sunday, 28 August, 2016 - 02:08

Location: Easegill Caverns, Cumbria

Description: The team was put on standby by the Cave Rescue Organisation who were searching for 3 cavers lost in the Easgill caverns system. The team was stood down after the cavers were safely found.

Attendance: 0

Man Hours: 0

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